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Joey and Ari talk Echo of the Wilds, Tumblestone, give away MULTIPLE games, and talk to the developers of SWORDY. GET JACKED!  steamID: clockface and dybno LISTEN HERE

The Custom Show #17 - Porracast

Topic 1: Fever Dreamz! Topic 2: Q and A. Topic 3: SNAKE OIL. LISTEN HERE.


The final nail in the coffin. Proof we can't have nice things. LISTEN HERE.

LOLJK #34 - Poppin' Eggs

Mackin'. Shartazard. 5 star tangents. Rain room. Partially wet. Brian plays pokemon. Bottled Lighting. Hard K's. Zero Creaming. LOLJK Dictionary. Kyle's F'n Fart Palace. Joebama. Grinding up cats.  LISTEN HERE

WASD #18 - Pokemonroemon

Joey and Ari reconvene in the wake of life changes to excitedly word vomit any and every video game experience they can remember during their brief hiatus. steamID: clockface and dybno LISTEN HERE!

The Custom Show #16 - SPEED 2: CRUISE CONTROL

TOPIC 1-3: Speed 2 with snacks! Mike has dropped some money on Explosomagico. So we let him pick his hosts... LISTEN HERE

CRITERIONAUTS #15 - Sweet Movie

Don't let the title of the movie fool you.  It's ironic.  Oh, you don't get it? That's because you don't get art. Art is only for smart people, you prude. Prude! I AM NOT A PRUDE. LISTEN HERE

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