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Because people wanted them for some reason, here is an archive of all the Destructo Boxcast episodes. If you don't know what this is, don't listen to this. GET THEM HERE

Criterionauts #22 - Fellini Satyricon

Joey and Brian watch ______ based on a book wh___ whole fu___ing passages are missing. What the f____.  LISTEN HERE

WASD #23 - Binding Rebounder +

Joey is once again inflected with Rebirth sickness, but despite this, many games are discussed.  CRIBBAGE WITH GRANDPAS. GUNMETAL ARCADIA. PIT PEOPLE. KALIMBA AGAIN. 4 SIDED FANTASY. INSIDE. Plus Ari gets the io. LISTEN HERE

LOLJK #41 - How To Topic

The Abyss 2 starring Robert DeNiro. Potato thrones. Bog people. The Nipples Of The King. How to Topic. THE SPACE. Skittle Roads.  Duck Murder. Kyle is old. Shark Bites. Walking concussions. Less Safe. LOL at Joey, K? Fun Kegals. Slumpy Kim Voice.  LISTEN HERE

CRITERIONAUTS #21 - Valley Of The Dolls

Joey and Brian struggle to remember the cast of the prequel to Beyond the Valley of the Dolls whilst talking about the media circus surrounding both movies. LISTEN HERE

WASD #22 - Man Games On CBS

WASD talks aquatic adventures, phone board games and a slapdash end of the year list.  There's a GOOD game giveaway and some wiener jousting. steamID: clockface and dybno LISTEN HERE

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