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The Custom Show #19 - The Nice Cast

TOPIC 1: Nice news. TOPIC 2: Nice Canada.  TOPIC 3: Nice to Each other. GROSS.

LOLJK #45 - Madcatz Coffee Wafers

Joey comes to terms with his own terribleness. Kyle kicks some starters. Brian discusses the first astronomers and Kim hates them.


WASD #26 - Run Train on Some Ghosts

Hope ya'll are ready to talk about some videogames because we have a poo-load. Join us for: Loot Rascals, Sproggiwood, Flintlock, Beholder, Swindle again, Binding of Isaac again, and MORE! steamID clockface and Dybno

Explosive Movie Show #6 - The Greasy Strangler

Buckle up for a slippery good time with Joey and Kyle and they experience the modern classic that is THE GREASY STRANGLER.


LOLJK #44 - Double P 


Orgy: a verb. Proper boxer disposal. Action comedy remakes. John Lennon’s Perfect Strangers. Snow globe endings. The Power of Imagination. Spider Guy Budget Cuts. Flip The Script. On The Backs of Spiders.

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