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WASD #29 - Scientific Fur Theorem

Joey and Ari welcome special anime dating sim field correspondent Courtney and her self flagellating Darkest Dungeon masochist husband Alex.  steamID: clockface and Dybno


Explosive Movie Show #13 - Hackers (1995)

Hope you're ready to hack the entire f'n planet. While rollerblading.  Always be bladin'


Kool and the Sunshine Gang #52 - Fear Beef Filled Grape Basement

Joey and Kim return from Lost Wages (nice) with mediocre topics. Kyle buys a dog and Brian talks about cows. All this and more on Kool and the sunshine gang.


LOLJK's Best Bits Vol 1: Specifically the butthole.

Kyle has embarked on a journey down memory lane to assemble his favorite LOLJK moments.  Presented here are selections from episodes 1-4. 


WASD #28 - Michael Transactions, C.P.A.

Miracle Merchants, Pyres, Kickmen and more in an all new exciting installing of Guys with Beards Who Play Games. steamID: clockface and Dybno



At long last our reality show field correspondent makes her LOLJK debut...just in time for the sleepover.

Explosive Movie Show #12 - The Running Man (1986)

Joey, Nick and Matt watch THE RUNNING MAN where the world's least convincing helicopter pilot is forced to fight opera singers wearing spandex. The future is going to be great.

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