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LOLJK #62 - Medicinal Lasers

In this episode we discover that there's literally not a single problem lasers can't solve.


WASD #33 - Chad's Pig Wife

Chad Quandt joins us for a deep dive into VRchat and something about knuckles.


LOLJK #61 - The Monkey Deer Sex of 2017

Remember: "A god in the tree is worth a lube in the bush." 


Explosive Movie Show #17 - Howard The Duck (1986)

Come watch Howard the Duck with Joey, Nick and Kim.  It sure is a movie you can watch with your eyes.  IF IT AIN'T FUNK YOU DON'T FEEL IT, YA HERD?!



The Custom Show #20 - The One About Laws, Horror and History

Topic 1: Things that are scary and then pitch a movie based on that.   Topic 2: Law Q&A   Topic 3: Historical figures that are actually turds. 


LOLJK #60 - The Elusive Raisin Bran

Start your LOLJK off with two scoops for a sunshiney day...ifyouknowwhatImean.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 9.32.28 AM.png

WASD #32 - Toilet Elf

Let us travel back to November 2017 to find out what Joey and Ari were playing before the new year. SteamID clockface and dybno


LOLJK #58 - All The Wrong Lessons

All torqued up on nose fumes, Let us travel back in time to episode 58 for the gang's tasteful discussion on the outbreak of sexual criminals in Hollywood. 


LOLJK #59 - An In Depth Discussion on Ancient Rome's Saturnalia Festival

Gather round and be merry with LOLJK as they read through assorted lists and then have an in depth discussion on the history of Rome’s Christmas: Satrinalia.

PROGRAM NOTE: We will be releasing episode #58 next time. We had to temporarily skip it so the Christmas episode would be out on time. 


LOLJK #57 - Rippin' Boinks

In these dark times, we get the heroes we truly deserve...


WASD #31 - Trashman's Blindbox

Joey and Ari talk about some not so indie games, then some indie games then give away some games all whilst maintaining the whit and sass you've grown to love on an all new WASD! steamID: clockface and Dybno


Explosive Movie Show #16 - Street Figher (1994)

TEST YOUR MIGHT yet again, only this time wear a beret and paint yourself into paintings STREET FIGHTER STYLE. 

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