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CLIMAX! #8 - Tango & Cash & Matt & Kyle & Nick

The guys examine not only the last action movie of the 1980's but the very last movie of the 1980's, EVER. In what should be CLIMAX'S finest hour with our first-ever Kurt Russell movie, Sylvester Stallone at the height of his powers, and a double dose of evil from Jack Palance and James Hong, instead the show is almost torn apart by the very existence of GUNBOOT. Also, Kyle learns a lot about himself and how he's been affected by Robert Z'Dar and his awful/amazing chin.


PHIL #4 - Tryptophantasy

Phil wakes up from his Thanksgiving hangover while driving to work on a rare rainy day. Don't forget to purchase gifts using the Explosomagico Amazon link! LISTEN HERE!


Paranoia Shoppe #13 - The-Necro-Fan-Mail-Nomicon

Chad and Aaron break the seal and unleash the horrors of more fan mail upon an unsuspecting mortal plane. WWII Superweapons, personal hauntings, imaginary friend birth galore!  LISTEN HERE!


LOLJK #17 - Proud Supporters Of Roko's Basilisk

The magical hate phone. Hitting kids. The Abyss of Space. The Black of Space. Domino drug emergency. Special K. 2D 3D in 1D. violent 3way beef tasting. The Bible: Bearded ghost saves you all. Midnight Robber. Nuevo Russia Returns. Planet Caribbean. The Point is This. Here's The Thing. Roko's Basilisk. ALL. Twats.


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