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CLIMAX! #16 - The Better Euro-Trip

Join the Men of Climax as they go deep cover to examine the Bourne Identity. Is it the Rosetta Stone bridging the Golden Era of Action to the Contemporary Age or is it the patient zero of the up-close and jump-cut plague? All that, plus a serious and focused takedown of French emergency services and dating tips on how to land yourself a European. LISTEN HERE

The Custom Show #12 - Dan's Sexy Shit Special

TOPIC 1: LOLJK-like podcast review TOPIC 2: Favorite Podcasts! TOPIC 3: Porn review. LISTEN HERE!

LOLJK #29 - Wonderfully Full

Beeeen. Colorblindness.  Everybody poops. The anime chicks. The Boffo Biz. Squatty Potty. Secret Rich People Auctions. SCOOPED. James Bond Cards. Dr Who Star Trek. Squaring. Splorch.  Eggcellent.  LISTEN HERE

The Custom Show #11 - A Drunken Irish Christmas

PRELUDE: Samichlaus. TOPIC 1: Christmas memories. TOPIC 2: Weird traditions. TOPIC 3: A Florida Man Christmas. LISTEN HERE!


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