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Our latest mission takes us to the student film filled stopmotion world of Equinox. Follow Joey and Brian as they witness films dumbest non-heroes mercifully get wiped out by a slobbery park ranger with a dick ring. LISTEN HERE!


CLIMAX! #13 - Yeah I'm Thinking We're Back

The Men of Climax set off an explosive Season 2 with instant-classic, John Wick as they explore the only rational reaction to someone murdering your pet, have a series of violent agreements, and test the waters of corporate sponsorship + new BIG MISTAKE. LISTEN HERE!


LOLJK #23 - Apocalypto Conspiracy Ransom for a Lethal Beaver

Candleman. Shakespear words. Poem memorization. Emergency shorts. Explorin' that area. Athletic shorts. Stool Scale. The Gravies. Pug neck. Pee debit card. Feeding Brian's Toilet.  Melly Gibson. Napoleon's Piece. Black Market Body Auction. Snake Oil. LISTEN HERE!


CRITERIONAUTS #4 - House: A Movie

The Criterionauts journey to the LSD-infused, blood-soaked sex dreams of House and barely make it out with their sanity intact. Those Japanese sure know how to party. It's a super good time, you guys. LISTEN HERE!


The Custom Show #7 - MORTAL KUMKAST

TOPIC 1: Roadside Attractions. TOPIC 2: Drug/Drunk Stories. TOPIC 3: Keanu Reeves.   LISTEN HERE!


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