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The Custom Show #10

TOPIC 1: Birthday Stories. TOPIC 2: Austrailia questions revisited. TOPIC 3: The Professional. LISTEN HERE!


TOPIC 1: Personal Paranormal Experiences. TOPIC 2: Dumb Inventions. TOPIC 3: Roadside attractions redux. LISTEN HERE!


WASD - THE CRAPATORIUM - Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme

Joey, Ari and Kim's time with James and his gender bending succubus demon sex things continues.  Holy balls. WATCH HERE


Mission #6 - Eraserhead

The Criterionauts take on their first super hardcore arthouse talkie and boy howdie is it a doozy. Spoiler alert: Brian hates it. LISTEN HERE!


Climax #14 - Rambo: Firster Bloodest 2nd

The Men of Climax sit down with an action classic, First Blood: Part 2. Journey to the jungles of Vietnam to either finish the fight once and for all or make peace with the war that lives within all men. We're not really sure what point the movie was trying to make, and neither were the filmmakers. The important thing is this: Exploding Arrows. LISTEN HERE!


WASD - THE CRAPATORIUM - Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme #0

WELCOME TO THE CRAPATORIUM. In this new video series, Joey and Ari subject themselves to horrible games given to them by fans. Special guest Kim joins the duo as they prepare to embark on GENDER BENDER DNA TWISTER EXTREME. Generously donated by Mr. Luke O'Connorable. WATCH IT!



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