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LOLJK #27 - Beaver Squad

Future podcasting. Killer Pugs. Nub Rubbin. Nubbin but time. Cum Nubbin. Get a Bean on. SUBREDDIT. You lookin good. Radio. Vagina Impersonations. Catfish IRL. Get the strap. We're so Texas.  LISTEN HERE!


The whole gang gathers in support of a modern classic. Would you like to know more? How about 7 and a half hours more?  BUY HERE!  

CLIMAX! #15 - Your Love Is Like A Lethal Weapon

The men of CLIMAX take on an action classic, Lethal Weapon, and barely even glance at the moral conundrum of supporting Mel Gibson. They invent a new game called "Add Jack Chan," try to decipher the strange messages on a Fosters' beer can, and trot out the very best Australian accents you've ever heard. LISTEN HERE!

CRITERIONAUTS #7 - Modern Times

Mission 7 takes the Criterionauts back in time to Modern Times as they experience life through the eyes of a brain damaged factory worker known only as "The Little Tramp." Oh and there's an attractive underaged homeless girl too. Modern Times! LISTEN HERE!

My Arms Are Lasers #9 - FOUNDATION

The gang tries their hand at amateur psychohistory while praising the Galactic Spirit and try to make sense of the middle part of Asimov's "Foundation" where nerds take over the galaxy with a Spacepedia.  LISTEN HERE!

LOLJK #26 - Rob Thomas Release Party 2015

Criterionauts is great. Gyro Kim. Kyle Jr vs Brian Jr. Ferret Winds Robocopski Softi. Candy Party. Feach Santana. Splitting shart hairs. In Jizz. Tinybodyman. Roxxxie. Talkin' Spot. Body pillows for propping. LISTEN HERE!

The Custom Show #10 - Happy Luke O'Connorable Day!

TOPIC 1: Birthday Stories. TOPIC 2: Austrailia questions revisited. TOPIC 3: The Professional. LISTEN HERE!


Top  duders who paid more than $4 for Starship Troopers Mega Show #3

1 - $30 - Colin M.
2 - $14 - Jamfaulk

3 - $10 - Matt-O
3 - $10 - Luke (nibbler) O.
3 - $10 - Danel (Robocopski)

3 - $10 - Waynhoeee
4 - $6 - Eleuterio R. 

5 - $5 - Mike A.
5 - $5 - Adam (Scumdog) A.

6 - $5 - Terry Cochran

We love everyone who bought the show, but especially you guys :)  (yes, our love is totally buyable).  Thanks again everyone!


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