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At long last our reality show field correspondent makes her LOLJK debut...just in time for the sleepover.

Explosive Movie Show #12 - The Running Man (1986)

Joey, Nick and Matt watch THE RUNNING MAN where the world's least convincing helicopter pilot is forced to fight opera singers wearing spandex. The future is going to be great.

LOLJK #50 - The Golden

We celebrate 50 episodes the only way we know how: playing games, buying presents, talking about beer and making a very special phone call....

Explosive Movie Show #11 - Robot Jox (1989)


Explosive Movie Show #10 - I Come In Peace (1990)

In perhaps the most overly produced informational danger video on CDs ever produced, Joey and Kyle witness Dolph do what Dolph do best: Fight alien drug kingpins in I COME IN PEACE (aka Dark Angel)

LOLJK #49 - Always Be Doin'-It

On this episode Joey reads erotica, Kyle talks infowars, Kim digs into pee batteries and Brian searches for new sleep tv. Also #politics.

WASD #27 - Grey Waters

Joey and Ari discuss the damages of the recent steam sale as well as the disgusting toilet water that is weaponized steam user reviews.  Then we talk about Ruins Of The Reckless, Tumbleseed, The Magic Circle and Ari's newfound love of early access.

LOLJK #48 - Hey, Ron

A new Ben joins the gang for awkward cell phone requests, weird air bnb, clooney tequila and designer nipples.

Explosive Movie Show #9 - The Warriors (1979)

Come outs ta pla-ayyy with Joey Nick and Matt as we's watch THE WARRIORS.  CAN YOU DIG IT?

LOLJK #47 - The Creamy Life Of Timothy O'Bogbutter

Themed Sex hotel rooms, weezin' the juice on botchalism nacho cheese, bog butter children and stupid buzzfeed quizzes.

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