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CRITERIONAUTS #21 - Valley Of The Dolls

Joey and Brian struggle to remember the cast of the prequel to Beyond the Valley of the Dolls whilst talking about the media circus surrounding both movies. LISTEN HERE

WASD #22 - Man Games On CBS

WASD talks aquatic adventures, phone board games and a slapdash end of the year list.  There's a GOOD game giveaway and some wiener jousting. steamID: clockface and dybno LISTEN HERE

Criterionauts #20 - Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls

Hey superfly babydoll. Grab your uppers downers, sisters and cousins for a rad fab party of perfect perversions and lots and lots of boobs. LISTEN HERE

Explosive Magic Show #9 - 3 Years Later

Joey and Phil record together once for a special Xmas surprise for longtime Explosomagico fans. LISTEN HERE

LOLJK #40 - Something Something Winter

My size. Shopkins. Lets make a toy. Go fast enough. Pocket friend. Space doodie. turtle suits.  butt strength. the methods.  closing time. mouth adjacent. pussy fight. fruity atoll. agro no. LISTEN HERE

LOLJK #39 - The Unbreakabling

Empty faced blowjob retainer. Chomp this playdough. USE YOUR VAGINA. Just practice. Up the our alley. Butt smugglers. Doody Free. He who Smelt it. No pics. Internet poetry. Professional Racist. Secret assassins. Isn’t it ironic? LISTEN HERE

CRITERIONAUTS #19 - Eyes Without a Face

The film explorers dive into the inspiration for the modern classic "Face-Off".  Spoiler alert, there's no golden guns. LISTEN HERE


Featuring a healthy dose of Indiecade 2016, Butcher, couch multi and 20min or less. VIDEO GAMES.  LISTEN HERE


kyle’s real family.mutant league olympics. beef bowl . mystery notes. lady gaga is dead. who are you wearing. alexander mcqueen’s foreskin. kyle jackets. smooth steffani. rosanne barberbo bridges ball bag. butt stunt. beyonce 2. couch sweat. LISTEN HERE

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