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LOLJK #67 - Nuts Up

Go Top Down on your Spice Open Faced Tubewich and chill with your dudes on an all new LOLJK.


WASD #35 - Compuboar-d Games

This episode the WASDies delve into an accidental theme show featuring an eclectic mix of digital board games that have no real world counterpart. PLUS Hellmut, Surviving Mars and more!


LOLJK #66 - The kBox by Asspire TM

Brought to you by Ghost Ship


Explosive Movie Show #19 - Deadly Prey (1987)

Grab your jorts and oil up for the most ludicrous gun reloading instructional video ever produced.


LOLJK #65 - Tales of Redemption

The LOLJK crew unwinds after a busy week by shirking topic duty and instead playing a game for an entire episode. Come listen to some movie pitches as we play BUY THE RIGHTS.


LOLJK #64 - Backside Bean Blast

Grab your stupid horn app along with your finest rump roast and let's get this party started.

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