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LOLJK #47 - The Creamy Life Of Timothy O'Bogbutter

Themed Sex hotel rooms, weezin' the juice on botchalism nacho cheese, bog butter children and stupid buzzfeed quizzes.

Explosive Movie Show #8 - Cyborg (1979)

Joey Nick and Matt strap in for a garbage fire filled apocalypse with 1 stop motion cyborg and copious amounts of underground lighting.

LOLJK #46 - Top Gun 2:Bottom Gun: Rise to the Top...Gun

Icemav himself weighs in on Top Gun 2. Robocops creep on your face at Dubai malls, dudes still can't talk to women and we barely missed out on dinosaur people.


Explosive Movie Show #7 - The Pest (1997)

Joey and Kyle blast off into the Pest-a-verse where they struggle to keep up with Pestario's coke-fuelled comedy shenanigans as well as maintaining proper laughter levels through all the incredibly racist 90s jokes. 

The Custom Show #19 - The Nice Cast

TOPIC 1: Nice news. TOPIC 2: Nice Canada.  TOPIC 3: Nice to Each other. GROSS.

LOLJK #45 - Madcatz Coffee Wafers

Joey comes to terms with his own terribleness. Kyle kicks some starters. Brian discusses the first astronomers and Kim hates them.

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