Explosomagico T-shirts!

Oh man. It's been a long long long long time in the making, but I have finally posted our first shirt for sale over on the shop and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. Long time listeners will know this is something we've been trying to do since the Destructo Box days, but it never quite worked out. 

The final piece of the puzzle actually came in the form of a cousin of mine who just so happened to have recently started a clothing company of his own. A couple emails later, plans were set in motion and here we are. Without him, we'd be stuck with something shitty like cafe press. Man cafe press is shitty. 

I hope the shirts do well as I have a ton of super stupid ideas I want to do.  I have devoted a portion of my notebook to t-shirt designs and already have SEVERAL I want to make.  Very exciting. As proof, here's the LOLJK Hydra design straight from the sketch book:

You may notice a SMALL change in the center of the design, but I thought we should probably have it say "LOLJK" somewhere. Also Brian thought his hair was too "Jewy".   

Next will probably be a string of more general Explosomagico themed shirts as those have a broader appeal.  I also have some special plans for a jacket. TEASE. 

The other thing we learned during this whole process is that international shipping is a BITCH for a small team to wrap it's head around. As you probably noticed, we sort of shit rigged international shipping a bit by selling the shirts through ebay using their "global shipping program".  Its not the prettiest solution but it was better than pushing off the shirt launch even longer, or launching without international support.

Till next time,