And we're back

It's been 8 months since the last (2nd) update to this here update blog. I really hit a roll there with my article writing. 

As i'm sure you have noticed, we're down to our lowest amount of shows we've had in a while. We currently have LOLJK, CRITERIONAUTS, and WASD leading the charge for your Explosomaigco weekly updates. Hopefully one of those three is of interest to you, BUT IF NOT, there are a couple new shows I would like to start soon:

  • "Explosive Movie Show" . I think its a super fun format if you're into those types of movies (80s,90s horror action sci-fi trash) and It would be an easy addition to the roster.  
  • A possible spin off of the "game" segments of LOLJK into it's own standalone GAMESHOW. I have more than enough terrible (great) games that could be of some use on that front.
  • I'm toying with the idea of opening up show submissions to join Explosomagico. Would you like the show library to expand?  Would you rather it stay the core group of hosts? Do you have a show? email EXPLOSOMAGICO at GMAIL dot com and let me know.  I'm always down to try and figure out how to make the time we spend on this dumb project do more for everyone. 

Last but not least, here's some art for one of a couple new shirts coming down the pipe. My plan pretty much since last September has been to get the final tests for the new designs ordered but kept putting it off till I was on "hiatus" (tv industry speak for "unemployment"). Luckily (unluckily?) I have yet to actually go on hiatus due to a rolling end date that keeps receding further off into the distance. Good problems to have, though a problem for making horrible shirts.

Also for the couple of you that have been asking, I have posted the archive of  episodes of THE DESTRUCTO BOXCAST to the podcast section for your reminiscing pleasure.